jakes mint chew customer testimonials

Thank you! I stopped chewing tobacco after 40 years because your awesome mint chew. Awesome...wife not complaining of my tobacco breath anymore.
George F
I tried numerous things prior including gum and patches but nothing worked. When I was finally ready to quit for real, your product helped tremendously. The mint tastes great, it has a number of health benefits, and there is some comfort still being able to have that pouch in your mouth minus the nicotine and other garbage in tobacco. Keep up the great work and I will continue to be a loyal customer.
Chris Paul
My family and I are very grateful for Jake's Mint Chew. I gave it to my husband for Father's Day 2019 and he's not used tobacco since! It's the only thing that he's had success with, since starting dipping as a teen- he was 52 when he stopped! It's just awesome!
Melissa, Lexington, KY
Using your product is how I was able to put it down altogether. Wasn't easy and it definitely required willpower on my part but I guarantee I wouldn't have been able to do it without your product. Thank you for that.
Zachary S.
Just want to let you guys know you have the best product out there, I have tried many other and nothing has worked. Im trying to stop chewing and so far yours is the best hands down. I have mostly stopped and Im on the path to be tobacco free by the end of the month. Keep up the great work and thank you!!
Michael S., Leander, TX
Just wanted to give a huge thanks to you!! Switched to your chew 5 weeks ago and haven't had tobacco since. God bless y'all, you're really extending and saving lives!!
Jamie B., Eureka Springs, AR
I would like to provide feedback on Jake's Mint Chews: I am a 49 year old previous chew user of about 15 years.  I can tell you I 100% absolutely LOVE Skoal Wintergreen Pouches.  Due to pressure from my wife and just from a health standpoint I decided to quit.  It was very very difficult as I am sure most of you have experienced.  One thing I read that helped me tremendously was to sip ICE COLD water.  For some reason it helped "deaden" the cravings for a dip, at least a little bit. Now the other thing that helped tremendously is Jake's Mint Chews. I bought the ten pack of pouches and I have to say they are very enjoyable!!!  Nothing it going to replace the nicotine deficiency in the short run (except patches), but as far as putting in a dip and enjoying a bit of the "burn" and flavor - Jake's definitely helps!!! I thoroughly enjoy it and I actually have a bit of the same level of excitement grabbing a Jake's dip as I used to with Skoal Pouches. Thank you so much for helping me quit a nasty habit!
Sincerely, John M.
I would just like to thank you for making such a great product. I had chewed tobacco for 30 years, I had tried to quit at least that many times too. Nothing worked, nothing could replace my craving, them came your mint chew. I did the mix at first but quickly switched over to just Jakes. I think the variety of flavor choices was the key to breaking my addiction. Your product helped me succeed in breaking a tobacco habit that eventually would have killed me and I cannot properly express how grateful I am for that. It will be my four year anniversary of being free of my nicotine/ tobacco addiction soon and I will celebrate with another order of Jakes in all my favorite flavors, thanks again.
Jim M.
Quitting dipping has been a breeze with JMC. I have quit a 20yr dipping habit in 3 weeks. Now I don't want to quit chewing mint leaves.
Jay G., Oklahoma
I've been wanting to stop using tobacco, along with some of the other men in my platoon,  so I did. It helped me and my buddys cut back on tobacco. "Closest thing to real dip".
I started dipping at 13 yoa. I'm 49 yoa. I not only dipped for 36 years I've mostly swallowed for 36 years. Rarely spit. After trying what I feel like was every alternative on the market i finally tried your product. As your records should indicate I've been buying for past 2-3 months. Not had any tobacco in that time period and now have no urge whatsoever. If it's not too late and I've not damaged my body too bad you have without a doubt saved my life. Words can't describe how happy I am to be living what I feel to be a healthier life. I'm truly thankful that I found your company. I'm anxiously awaiting the pouches. You deserve all the credit in the world. I'm sure I'm not the only person you've saved. Thanks again,
Jearld R.
Just wanted to say thank you for this awesome product. I started chewing when I was 16 and quit at age of 47. I Started Jake's Mint Chew around the first of July in 2016 then on July the 27th of 2016 I was layed off due to cut backs in the oil field. I have been tobacco free for a little over 2 years now. No way with all that I could of stopped chewing without your product. Thank you,