About Jake

“I wanted to stick around for my kids future and have better breath for my lady. Jake’s Mint Chew is a culmination of what I’ve done…and what you can do…to stay healthy for yourself and the ones you love. Turn a bad habit into a good one. Chew healthy, chew mint! Chew Jake’s Mint Chew!”
- Jake

Jake’s Mint Chew Company was established to help smokers and chewing tobacco users to quit a bad habit. Jake, a former tobacco chew user himself, decided to research healthy alternatives so he wouldn’t have to worry about oral cancer and the like. He had heard of the nascent mint chew/snuff industry and it’s growing popularity and was intrigued. After spending years upon years growing flowers, plants, and vegetables in his many greenhouses he never realized that there was a crop he was neglecting….MINT!! So, Jake started growing Spearmint and Peppermint in his own greenhouses. Soon after, Jake’s Mint Chew was in such demand that Jake couldn’t grow enough mint himself and deferred to other mint growers and now he has developed what he feels is the finest quality product on the market for mint chewers! Try Jake’s Mint Chew today and change from a bad habit to a healthy one!