Unfortunately, we no longer ship internationally due to the amount of orders being held up in customs or returned to us.

Jake's Mint Chew is intended to help people quit dipping tobacco. There is a fear that if someone underage tries Jake's Mint Chew it may lead them to try real tobacco. This is typically an issue of "gateway liability."

Yes. Depending on customs, it can take up to 10 days to reach you outside of the USA.

Yes! Jake's Mint Chew is the polar opposite of tobacco. It is made with mint, and all natural ingredients, so the juices are actually good for your digestion and taste great.

We ship immediately after an order is taken via USPS Priority Mail. During COVID, delivery times have been much slower. However, in a normal environment, if you're in the USA you should receive your package within 3 days (sooner if you're on the east coast).

No. Besides having NO tobacco, NO nicotine, NO caffeine(for mint flavors, Bold Brew has caffeine since it is coffee based), Jake's Mint Chew also has NO sugar. However, Jake's does have glycerine and a small amount of Xylitol(a natural sweetener derived from corn) so if you're diabetic you may want to check with your doctor to see if that is okay for your condition.

Jake's uses T-free CBD distillate which has no THC. This is confirmed by independent lab tests from Proverde Labs (we receive Certificates of Analysis) that we do for all of our CBD products. However, there have been rare instances of false positives so you definitely want to talk to your doctor and/or human resources person if this is a concern for you. The last thing we want you to do is risk your job over CBD use, so play it safe.

No. None at all. As stated above, we use only THC free distillate (aka, T-free CBD).

The best thing to do is Google the benefits of CBD on your own. We don't want to make any claims since CBD may work for one person but not another. The key benefits you will most likely find on a Google search is that CBD is a holistic way to help with inflammation and anxiety among a myriad of other benefits. But, again, it is important for you to do your own research, read some articles, and come to your own conclusions before trying CBD.