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Who doesn't like Jake's Mint Chew?

Ian Desmond

(Formerly) Washington Nationals

I've tried some other alternatives but eventually have gone back to the real thing. They never stayed together, couldn't work the dip the same. I've found after three months with Jake's that it "works" the same as what I've been hooked on for years, also has a little burn which makes you wanna move it around every once in a while. At this particular moment, for me, it's all about Jake's Mint Chew.

Brandon Snyder

Boston Red Sox

I have dipped for over 13 years and have had multiple failed attempts to quit. Playing baseball I am always around it and It's always a matter of finding something to take my mind off of the tobacco. That was until I tried Jakes Mint Chew. It's as close to the real thing as you can get and it's even good for you.  Thanks Jake



I started chewing tobacco while serving in the Marine Corps in Afghanistan. When my first package arrived, that was when I threw away my last can of chewing tobacco.

About Jake

Jake started small with his own greenhouses in Beverly, Massachusetts. Soon after, thanks to you, demand was overwhelming! Now, we purchase only the finest quality mint from growers all around the world.