Jake's Mint Chew Sponsors the 105.7 Country Music Festival

Jake's Mint Chew was proud to attend and help sponsor the 105.7 Country Music Festival in Mansfield, MA, on Friday, June 24th. When we showed up to set up our little free sampling table, the place was empty. We had Cat, Jake, Jake's two kids: Finley and Cowan, and myself, Adam. We had about 30 different flavors of Jake's Mint Chew. We had our Jake's Mint Chew cornhole set out on the walkway ready for competition. All we needed were the people.

We were not disappointed!

jakes mint chew at the country music festival

For the next several hours the over 17,000 attendees started rolling into the huge expanse of parking lots around the outdoor stadium. Cars and trucks with grills and beers carried excited men and women on a breezy summer's day. You could soon smell the barbeques and hear the sounds of laughter and music as the tailgaters filled the area.

And then they included us!

At first, we stuck to our booth and I tried to get someone to take me on in cornhole.

At times we were swamped with visitors sampling Jake's. During the lulls we would send off Jake's boys to sample the tailgaters around the lots. Soon, the lots were full, and people were all over the place. The concert was about an hour out from starting and I looked at Jake and said, "We have to get out there!"

The place was truly massive, so we grabbed a couple of mesh bags and filled them with hundreds of tins of Jake's Mint Chew. Then we headed off into the dirt and grass parking lots full of happy tailgaters. We weren't sure how we'd be received since they were all busy eating and drinking and grilling and so on. However, once we offered free Jake's we were treated like family! One guy even gave me a shot of whiskey and a beer! We handed out all of our tins quite quickly and had to trek all the way back to our booth to get more. That's right; we were getting our steps in.

We were thrilled! And so were the crowds.

We got Cat to join us on our second run. She filled her backpack full of tins of Jake's Mint Chew and off we went again, back and forth, snaking our way through as many parking rows as we could get to. It was a blast! People weren't just taking Jake's Mint Chew tins, they were talking to us, laughing with us, and we all had a great time even before the concert started!

It was really a wonderful experience. We spread the gospel of enjoying Jake's Mint Chew versus dipping tobacco. We educated a happy....and mostly tipsy...crowd of men and woman who thanked us for giving them Jake's Mint Chew to try. In the process, we heard their stories, laughed with them, and shared some of their beer.

No doubt, we will try to do more of these types of events!

Do you have a small event...say it's a fishing tournament, lodge event, hunting group, minor league baseball event, or any large gathering....you'd like Jake's to send some product to? Well then, send Adam an email at adam@jakesmintchew.com and let me know why you think it would make sense to have Jake's Mint Chew there. Maybe we'll be able to send out some free Jake's to help sponsor your event!

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