Taming my golf game with Jake's Mint Chew CBD mint pouches

by Adam Benezra

I am a golfer.  I love to golf.  I love golfing with my friends. I love walking around aimlessly on a beautiful golf course, on a beautiful day.  All this being said, I am not a good golfer.

On the range, it looks like I'm a pro.  I can blast a driver.  My 8 iron and pitching wedge shots are high arching and precise in location.  I feel like I should be handing out autographs.

And, then, I get on the golf course.

If there's a puddle, I'll land in it.  If there's a tree, I'll hit it.  If it's an important shot I'll flub it.  When these shots occur, and I am being laughed at by my so-called friends, I can feel my blood pressure rise like an oil rig about to blow.  I want to scream.  I want to throw my club.  I want to recite every curse word I've ever learned in my 53 years on this planet.

 And that's where CBD comes in.

 A lot of guys my age are using CBD oil for their aches and pains.  They use CBD oil for their nerves.  They use CBD oil for everything.

 I've tried CBD oil but the taste isn't for me.  My wife swears by CBD oil!  And these are the things I hear at home...

 “Adam, you seem anxious.  Use my CBD oil!”

 “Adam, stop complaining about your elbow and take some of my CBD oil!”

 “Adam, you're making that face.  Use my CBD oil!”

Now, I love my wife.  But not so much that I can stand the taste of her CBD oil.  However, I found the answer.  Jake's Mint Chew CBD Straight Mint pouches!

Jake's Mint Chew does offer CBD oil and CBD cream as well.  Those are fine choices for many.  However, I need my Straight Mint CBD pouches.  There's plenty of CBD oil in them and they taste great!

Jake's currently has four CBD pouch flavors to choose from; Cherry, Citrus, Wintergreen, and Straight Mint.  They are all loaded with CBD oil (Broad Spectrum, T-free distillate) and they are all loaded with flavor!

Now, I'm not saying that the CBD oil in Jake's Straight Mint CBD pouches has helped my golf game.  It certainly has not.  But...that magical CBD oil in Jake's Straight Mint CBD pouches has helped my attitude.

I don't throw my clubs.  I don't kick a tree.  I don't chase squirrels in a manic rage.  And, I thoroughly enjoy my round while I have those delicious mint pouches in my mouth.  And that CBD oil?  It must be doing something good because I feel great mentally and physically when I come off the golf course....no matter what my score!

So, when my golf pal, Nick, says to me, “Face it, Adam, you're a range golfer.”  I let the CBD oil in my veins do it's thing and I smile and say, “Yeah, maybe you're right.”

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Jake's Mint Chew is made from quality mint. It has no tobacco, no nicotine, and no sugar. You still get great taste and something healthy in your lip. And you can swallow the juices. Mint is great for your digestion!

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