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My family and I are very grateful for Jake's Mint Chew. I gave it to my husband for Father's Day 2019 and he's not used tobacco since! It's the only thing that he's had success with, since starting dipping as a teen- he was 52 when he stopped! It's just awesome! Melissa, Lexington, KY

Using your product is how I was able to put it down altogether. Wasnt easy and it definitely required willpower on my part but I garantee I wouldnt have been able to do it without your product. Thank you for that. Zachary S.

Just want to let you guys know you have the best product out there, I have tried many other and nothing has worked. Im trying to stop chewing and so far yours is the best hands down. I have mostly stopped and Im on the path to be tobacco free by the end of the month. Keep up the great work and thank you!! Michael S., Leander, TX
Just wanted to give a huge thanks to you!! Switched to your chew 5 weeks ago and haven't had tobacco since. God bless y'all, you're really extending and saving lives!! Jamie B., Eureka Springs, AR

Just wanted to say thank you for this awesome product. I started chewing when I was 16 and quit at age of 47. I Started Jake's Mint Chew around the first of July in 2016 then on July the 27th of 2016 I was layed off due to cut backs in the oil field. I have been tobacco free for a little over 2 years now. No way with all that I could of stopped chewing without your product. Thank you, James

I would like to provide feedback on Jake's Mint Chews: I am a 49 year old previous chew user of about 15 years.  I can tell you I 100% absolutely LOVE Skoal Wintergreen Pouches.  Due to pressure from my wife and just from a health standpoint I decided to quit.  It was very very difficult as I am sure most of you have experienced.  One thing I read that helped me tremendously was to sip ICE COLD water.  For some reason it helped "deaden" the cravings for a dip, at least a little bit. Now the other thing that helped tremendously is Jake's Mint Chews.  I bought the ten pack of pouches and I have to say they are very enjoyable!!!  Nothing it going to replace the nicotine deficiency in the short run (except patches), but as far as putting in a dip and enjoying a bit of the "burn" and flavor - Jake's definitely helps!!! I thoroughly enjoy it and I actually have a bit of the same level of excitement grabbing a Jake's dip as I used to with Skoal Pouches. Thank you so much for helping me quit a nasty habit! Sincerely, John M.

I am a 48 year old, who has chewed tobacco on and off for 32 years, I chewed 10 cans of tobacco a week. Around August 2016 , I purchased my first order of Jakes Mint Chew. Since that day, I threw away all remaining tobacco, and haven't needed it, craved it or desired it. I craved having the can in my pocket, something between the lip and gums, but not tobacco. Jakes Mint chew easily filled the cravings I have had. I decided on day one to quit chewing tobacco and I simply chewed Jakes from that day and still do today. I never really thought about the nicotine, because I never quit chewing, I didn't have withdrawals or feel any different. I have probably easily ordered over 350 cans of Jakes Mint Chew over the 17 month of being tobacco free. A can a Jakes is lasting me days now, I can even go a couple days without a dip. This was never possible before. I give thanks and praise to Jakes Mint Chew for giving everyone a healthy choice. We all know the dangers of using real Tobacco, but habits are hard to break. When you are ready to quit, substitute the tobacco with Jakes, you and your love ones will be happy you did. I have not missed the nasty spittoon bottles and cups in my vehicles or house. Thanks to everyone at Jakes Mint Chew. Craig, Kansas

I would just like to thank you for making such a great product. I had chewed tobacco for 30 years, I had tried to quit at least that many times too. Nothing worked, nothing could replace my craving, them came your mint chew. I did the mix at first but quickly switched over to just Jakes. I think the variety of flavor choices was the key to breaking my addiction. Your product helped me succeed in breaking a tobacco habit that eventually would have killed me and I cannot properly express how grateful I am for that. It will be my four year anniversary of being free of my nicotine/ tobacco addiction soon and I will celebrate with another order of Jakes in all my favorite flavors, thanks again. Jim M.

For several months now I have been trying to thank you for your product. I started chewing tobacco in January of 2006 while serving in the Marine Corps in Afghanistan. I chewed tobacco for ten long years. It wasn't until last fall that I heard an advertisement on Fox news radio for your chew that I decided to give it a shot. When my first package arrived, that was when I threw away my last can of chewing tobacco. I haven't had any since. It has been a constant struggle for me, especially in the last few months since I stopped receiving your product. I apologize that I am no longer a paying customer but I just wanted to quit chewing all together. I never could have done it without your chew. I fully mean that. Anyone that I have seen chewing since than I have encouraged them to give your chew a try in an effort to quit. If there was any way I could help get retailers set up with your product in my local area, I would love to help you. It has been nearly 8 months now since my last dip. I don't get many urges any more, and that is why I am now thanking you. My family and I sincerely thank you. Words are not enough. If I can ever be of assistance please let me know. Respectfully, Tobee

Quitting dipping has been a breeze with JMC. I have quit a 20yr dipping habit in 3 weeks. 
Now I don't want to quit chewing mint leaves. Jay G., Oklahoma
I've been wanting to stop using tobacco, along with some of the other men in my platoon,  so I did. It helped me and my buddys cut back on tobacco. "Closest thing to real dip"

I started dipping at 13yoa. I'm 49yoa. I not only dipped for 36 years I've mostly swallowed for 36 years. Rarely spit. After trying what I feel like was every alternative on the market i finally tried your product. As your records should indicate I've been buying for past 2-3 months. Not had any tobacco in that time period and now have no urge whatsoever. If it's not too late and I've not damaged my body too bad you have without a doubt saved my life. Words can't describe how happy I am to be living what I feel to be a healthier life. Im truly thankful that I found your company. I'm anxiously awaiting the pouches.  You deserve all the credit in the world. I'm sure I'm not the only person you've saved. Thanks again, Jearld R.

I see good things on the horizon for this new player to the smokeless alternative scene. - Killthecan.org review http://blog.killthecan.org/

Thank you so much for coming out with this product. I drove an hour each way to find your product. I ordered some because I see it works. I have tried to quit dipping for so long and I know I can kick the bad habit now with the help of jakes. I have always been embarrassed of the fact that I dipped and had to hide it from my wife. Now with making a change this has probably saved my marriage and life. Thanks again. Craig A., Edmond, OK

I'm 24 years old and started using Jake's Mint Chew last summer. Thanks to Jake's I quit dipping after seven-plus years. I even wrote about my quitting experience. Here is a link to Part-2 of my quitting testimony that I'd like to share with others trying to quit. Thank you, Sincerely Kyle M. http://littlething5.com/2014/11/05/steps-to-quitting-jakes-mint-chew/

Let me start by saying THANK-YOU JMC!!! You guys have no idea how elated I am to FINALLY have found a suitable replacement / alternative to dipping! I had a 30 yr Copenhagen habit that I thought NEVER would or could be changed. I've tried many different things over the years to quit, but to be honest, I was never really committed to stop or change my dipping habit. When I finally was ready to truly stop, I searched several companies looking for that "perfect replacement" that could simulate the whole (dipping experience) with no luck until now. Truly, I am SO satisfied with Jake's that the fear of relapsing just doesn't exist! Not only am I satisfied with this product, but the speed in which it was sent was amazing!! JMC, you guys are a GODSEND!!! Thank you so much!! - Mark H.

I am a heavy user of chewing tobacco and have used it for about 7 years now. I have tried quitting multiple times but the addiction keeps winning the fight. However, I ordered your product with a hope that it would help me beat the habit. Your mint chew is the closest thing to the real thing that I have tried in my quitting venture. I was able to overcome the nicotine withdrawals after 3 days but the habit and feeling of a dip is what was driving  me nuts. With the help of your product, I am now 2 weeks clean of Copenhagen. Thank you for coming out with a safe and healthy alternative to smokeless tobacco. I will be sure to spread the word to kick the can and invest in long term health with Jake’s!!! -Hank R., Grand Forks, ND


The customer service at Jake's Mint Chew is outstanding and paired with the great product you make, I'll be a customer for a very long time. The Brandy is probably my favorite Jake's flavor, so smooth! I'm on day 262 tobacco free and have tried several fake dips, but I'm back to JMC, here to stay and I'll tell you why. While other fake dip suppliers are using all sorts of additives and chemicals to get it as close to real dip as possible, you simply make a quality, natural product with a smooth, great taste. (Please keep this up by the way.) During my quit I've realized that I don't want something that tries to remind me of the real thing and comes up short, I want a product that I enjoy that doesn't make me think about quitting at all. So now I crave a Jake's Mint Chew and because of that I know I can be tobacco free forever. I know it. So thank you, for saving my life...I truly mean that. - Kevin S.


I normally don't write about products, but Jake's is exactly what I was looking for. I'm a 27 year old former collegiate baseball player. I still play in a semi-pro league in greater boston. I've been dippin' since I was 15 years old and have tried to quit dozens of times. Nothing worked. Being around a ballpark almost every night made it almost impossible to stop. I have tried mint pouches, speed eating seeds, none of it worked because when I got to the plate, I needed the dip feeling, not to mention those mint pouches don't spit. You gotta spit. I heard about jake's on a 98.5 the sportshub ad and I figured i would try it. I got my variety 10 pack in the mail and as soon as I opened the tin and packed my first lip I knew this was gonna be it. It looks like skoal, it spits like skoal, it packs like skoal, the straight mint smells just like my favorite skoal. You hit the nail on the head. This habit is more of a fixation than anything. The fact that I'm able to snap a tin, pack a lip, and have a spitter by my side all without any tobacco or nicotine is exactly what I needed. I'm very happy I found jakes. And so is my jaw. Best, Mike A. -third base.


I just wanted to say I love your product. After 22 years of using Skoal Straight Long Cut and trying several different things to quit, I can finally say I've been tobacco free for a month now. I have tried the cranberry, cherry, cola and spearmint flavors you offer but the one that works for me is the cinnamon. It is the one closest to the flavor of the skoal. I just want to say a big heartfelt thank you for producing such a great product. I have had a couple friends ask how I quit dipping and direct them to your product each time. Thank you again, and my wife thanks you too. She much rather the smell of cinnamon to the dip. Sincerely, Fran L.


Just want to let you guys know I quit chewing on January 22 2014 which is the day I got my first 10 cans I have order two 50 packs since. just ordered my third and going into this July 4th weekend I still have 7 days remaining and I'm going on 161 days nicotine and tobacco free. So I thank you for a life saving product. To go from 1 can of tobacco a day for 24 years to none has been great now just have to break the habit of putting something in the lip. - Shawn R., Ohio

After 68 combined years of heavy smokeless tobacco use, my buddy Blue and I are officially tobacco free - Thanks to JAKE'S MINT CHEW!! Each of us agrees quitting was much easier than we anticipated solely due having Jake's in our pockets. We appreciate you guys!!!!! Sincerely, Chris L.
I've lived a chewers life in secret for six long and incredibly stressful years. I started in the fire academy in my local town at 18 years old when I gave into peer pressure when the guys went outside to smoke. I knew my parents would be ashamed so I did it strictly on commutes to college and socially away from my family. I kept making excuses not to quit, lost my job, found out i had a genetic kidney disease, college stress, the list goes on. So one day during a meeting with my doctor I asked her about this product and she lit up like a Christmas tree raving about the benefits of mint and all these different things it will do for me so I figured I would give it a shot. I've tried Kola, Cherry, Mint and Licorice and I love them all. I drove an hour and a half just to find a store that had it and it was well worth it. As I write this I am chewing the Licorice flavor and smiling because while the withdrawals still hurt, knowing I have the support of my family,  doctor, other Jake's Mint Chewers  I feel I can still chew and finally throw the "real stuff" in the trash. Besides Jake's Mint Chew tastes better,  makes my teeth whiter, my breath better,  and is most definitely more satisfying.  Thanks Jake's Mint Chew. - Brian C.
I just wanted to let you know that my husband is now 2.5 weeks chew free because of a combination of your product & nicotine gum! He swapped over from smoking to chewing tobacco- (he was chewing about a can a day)- 2 years ago. I was just so bummed out when he swapped over because I've heard that chewing tobacco is harder to quit than smoking! Anyhow... he finally was ready to quit and we set the date- May 19th! The first week was really tough, but we had found a different brand of mint chew carried by a local convenience store- along with a ready supply of nicotine gum. He really didn't like the other brand of mint chew- but kept some on hand just in case he had the urge and it "was better than nothing." Well, we went down to see his cousin for Memorial Day weekend- and of course, he ran out of the Mint Chew. So- we did some frantic Internet searching and came across your brand, which was carried at a convenience store in Hudson, MA. We grabbed a couple of different flavors, along with the other brand (that is also carried at that store)- and as soon as he tried yours he was blown away! He said it was very similar to regular chew in terms of texture and he was positive that any of his friends that wanted to quit would be able to with your brand! I special ordered a box of ten last week and things have been going great... (and, just to throw it out there- the "other" brand is still sitting unopened on the counter). Long story short- I just want to say thank you, you have helped my husband become healthier and happier (he HATED the fact that he chewed- but really struggled with quitting), and, from what I've heard, you make a really awesome product that replicates the texture & feeling of chew very accurately! I have been with my husband for many years and have seen many attempts at quitting both smoking and chewing- and, while I know we are not "out of the water"- this is by far the most successful quit attempt we've had yet & I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this one is for the long run! I will continue to order your product and will make sure we always have some on hand! Maybe some day you will be in convenience stores up here in the Northeast Kingdom, VT (We sure do have a lot of young "country boys" chewing tobacco up here... it still seems to be quite the trend). -Janelle, VT
I would like to say that I am utterly impressed with your company; overall, values/ethics, customer service, and product.   Not only is your product helpful, its good too.  You blow every bit of your competition out of the water by having a product that is safe, does not promote tooth decay, and is healthy.  I still cannot believe that you have a fully organic product.  That is absolutely incredible, and I want to say thank you.  Thank you for caring about your consumers.  I am 100% sold on Jake’s.  The customer service has just been the cherry on top. -Logan

Your brand is the closest to thing to tobacco that I've had and I've tried several brands. It is so close, I felt guilty after having some the first night!! -Nate, OH

Best mint snuff I have ever tried!!  - Quit Dipping Snuff review

I recommend you to everyone trying to quit. Your mint chew is by far the best and help me stop. Taste and packs so similar to real dip and I get the satisfaction of a dip without the negative affects. Thanks so much. -Neil, Ventura, CA


My name is Rob and I'm a professional poker player from Philadelphia PA. I just wanted to say your product is phenomenal and it saved my life!! I've been a cigarette smoker (pack a day) and an occasional chewer from time to time when I really needed a fix. Well, for someone who is always around a ton of people, smelling like smoke and/or spitting into bottles/napkins/tupperware IS NOT appealing by any means. Fast forward to present day: I haven't touched any tobacco product in over a year! I lost the disgustingly dirty, dangerous habits and cleaned up my act ALL THANKS TO YOUR PRODUCT!!!! Keep up the great work and I look forward to continued use of JAKESMINTCHEW!! (love all the flavors, but cherry has a special place in my heart!!) If you ever come out with t-shirts or other apparel, please let me know! I'd love to spread the word about this awesome and healthy habit!!! Thanks again, you guys rock!!!! -Rob, Philadelphia

  I am a 25 year old female.. I have chewed since I was 17 years old.. Terrible habit brought on by wanting to be like my brother and dad.. I was extremely embarrassed of my addiction and sick and tired of hiding my lip from everyone around me. I had tried to quit for so long and finally visited killthecan.org and found your website advertised there. I ordered the Wintergreen Mint Chew and I absolutely love it! I have been Nicotine/Tobacco FREE for over a month now and I have absolutely no cravings for the "REAL" stuff! I can't thank you enough for coming up with such a great product!!
THANKS!!  -Krista, Michigan
After around 20 years of dipping Skoal, I am approaching month 7 of being 100% tobacco free thanks to Jake's. While on vacation recently in the Dominican Republic, I was sitting at the beach, enjoying a cocktail and some Jake's Kola when one of the guys working at my resort asked me about my tin of Jake's. He couldn't believe that it wasn't tobacco and I gave him a pinch. He had been dipping for years and was so amazed that there was a product like Jake's that you can use to help you quit. He kept saying that it was so close to the real thing that he was going to order some Jake's to his relatives' address in the US and have them send it to him in the Dominican Republic. Though you guys might like to know that you're helping people quit not just in the US. - Christian  
Just got your product and it's GREAT! Reminds me of Skoal that I have been dipping for 14 years. I also have tried to stop more times then I care to remember. This seems to be helping me continue to stop dipping as me kids call it the yuckos. Great product thanks again, you have a new loyal customer. Hope you and your family have a great holiday.  -Tony L.

Thanks for the opportunity to make a positive and healthy choice for me and my family. I've been a nicotine addict for 27 years - a smoker for 15 and a dipper for 12. I gave up cigarettes for dip and found I really loved dipping. I'm around it all the time. I work in the special ops community in law enforcement -- there are a lot of us, especially those that spent time in the military, that dip. It's socially acceptable and an easy pick me up on long operations. Its also killing us slowly. In a profession that keeps us from our families and puts us in harms way, it's a habit we can't afford to keep. I've tried to quit for years with no success. My wife has begged me. My 6 year old daughter has asked me, "Daddy, why do you do that yucky stuff if its bad for you? I don't want you to get sick." Nothing worked. I even tried some other "alternative snuff" brands with no success. I've been laid-up with an injury that required surgery and took me out of work the last few months. I'm bored, so I really filled my down time with a fat pinch in my lip. I started to get scared when my mouth was getting sore and swollen. I panicked and knew I had to quit - for myself and my family. On a whim, I Googled "fake chew" and saw the same names coming up, but then I saw Jakes Mint Chew. I did my research and really liked your product history and endorsements,so of course, I ordered a sample pack. My order arrived in no time, and I was excited and skeptical. I sampled the mint first (being a long time Skoal Mint, long-cut user). It is AWESOME! It packs right, tastes right, and spits right. On my first can of Jakes, I went cold-turkey from tobacco and haven't looked back. I never even suffered nicotine withdrawal, because I think my body thinks I'm still dipping! I've now tried every flavor in the sample pack, and I can honestly say, there's not one I didn't like. I liked some better than others, but there's not a bad flavor in the bunch. Your product is great. I love that its organic, too. I will be a long time customer - long after I quit, I intend to keep ordering so I can give a can to every special agent, cop and soldier I meet that dips. I want them to have a chance to experience how easy quitting tobacco can be, especially with JMC to help you along! Thanks for a great product. My wife and daughters thank you, too! Sincerely,Eric H.

Thank you so much. My husband chewed regular tobacco his entire life and wasn't able to quit without this mint chew, he tried over and over. This is the only thing that has worked and he loves it, thank you for putting out such a great product and your customer service is exceptional.
Helen W., Yucca Valley, CA  
I have been chewing since I was 16.  I am 24 years old now and I was just accepted to Law School.  The time has come for me to kick the can.  After doing some minor research I stumbled upon Jakes Mint Chew website.  I ordered 10 cans on a whim. I chew the most when I do stupid activities, like "Playing video games" for long periods of time.  It got to the point where I thought to myself in order to quit chewing I would have to stop doing all activities that I did that made me want to chew so badly!  However, this is not the case.  I have been Nicotine / Tobacco free for 5 days now.  This chew is extremely legit, it looks good, tastes good, and feels good.  It has good "Spittability" and tastes better then the real deal.  For me personally, it is better than the real thing.  If the time is now for you to quit, this will make the quit MUCH easier.  If you are on the fence, give it a shot and you may be typing something like me in a week or two.  Nothing feels better than snapping the can and putting in a chew and thinking to yourself, "Hey, my chances of losing my jaw have dropped substantially."  Now time to order 20 cans!  Thanks again to all at Jakes Mint Chew for helping me kick this habit! - Nathan P.  
I recently quit Kodiak wintergreen and Copenhagen after 22 years.  Been dip free for 39 days.  Your chew is a healthy replacement.  Thanks for your product keep up the good work! - Andy S., Southhaven, Mississippi
...let me say THANK YOU!!!!!  You product has helped my husband quit a 13 year "dipping" habit.  It is just wonderful that you offer this product!!!  It may have saved his life or at least his quality of life. - Sherrie, Massachusetts 
Great taste and great alternative to Skoal... I'm a police officer and went from 4 cans a week to just chewing Jake's... I chewed for 13 years and it's time to do it healthy. Thanks for an awesome product. - Brett
I just placed my 2nd order with you guys and am pleased to say your product is definately helping my husband ween off Mint Skoal! He is mixing your product with the Skoal and is chewing half as much! This is a miracle since he has been chewing for 25+ years! - Laura, Honolulu, Hawaii
Everyone's asking me how I got my name on the lid of my chew, my names Jake too.   Wouldn't be feeling as good as I am now without your product.   Been a few months now, and my body and mind are feeling better then they have in 8 years.  I like having a pinch between my cheek and gum without worrying about the cancerous or cardiovascular effects.  Perhaps I'll start running and singing again too.  Did I mention the nicotine headaches were gone? - Jake, Germantown, MD
I just wanted to say thanks! I appreciate the fact that you are providing a product which is not only a safe alternative, but is also quality. I was a can a day tobacco user for several years. Since January of this year I have purchased 2 cases of Jake's and couldn't wait for either to arrive. I have fallen off the wagon a couple of times since January, but I am ready to try again. Thank you for giving me a quality alternative. - Kevin, Omaha, NE
Hey I just received your product, and it's great! I've chewed for 8 years now and it caught up to me when my 1st boy was born. Your chew helped me kicked the habit even though I still got the bug (mouth cancer.) I wish I would have known about you guys earlier for my boy. Either way you guys will save families from the pain mine will be going through and I personally want to thank you guys for the great work you are doing to teach and save peoples lives! - Deric, Galveston, Indiana
I have been trying to get my husband to quit chewing for over a year now, and your productis the only thing that has helped him. Thank you so much! He is already down to his last can of mint and has me ordering more. Keep up the good work. - Krista L.
Hey just wanted to say thanks for putting out a great product. I have now been tobacco free for over 3 months, and while I would say it is 80% me truely wanting to quit, the other 20% has to go to Jake's Mint Chew. Those times when the craving would hit I popped out a can of the mint chew, and even though it was still hard, I was able to control the craving. This product still comes in very handy as a lot of my friends still dip and when they come around I can pull out my can of mint. I have tried a lot of other non nicotine chews and they either were too rubbery or tasted horrible. I was skepticle of Jake's but decided to go ahead and give you guys a shot and I am glad I did. And my wife is loving it, she says at least now my mouth is minty fresh. - SPC Jonathan M.
Just wanted to drop you guys a line and thank you for making a product that got me off Skoll - it feels so good to not be killing myself anymore. - Mike H.
I just wanted to say that your product is really helping me to kick the tobacco habit. It seems, for me anyway, that the habit of chewing tobacco (now mint) is more about the action then the nicotine. Just wanted to say thanks for coming up with a far better alternative than tobacco. - Scott S.
I just wanted to say thank you for making this product available. May of this year I had been dipping Copenhagen for 20 years. I really wanted to break the habit but failed numerous times. Since I started using your product I have not had any tobacco. My family loves the fact that I finally quit and so does my dentist. Thank you for a great product and the outstanding customer service. - Robert
I just tried your chew and let me say thanx for keeping it real! This  
is the best tobacco alternative I've tried. Big fan! - Kirk P.
I've been dipping Copenhagen snuff for more than 20 years and I've tried quitting more times than I can count. Until I tried Jake's Mint Chew there wasn't a product that could compare. Thanks for helping me quit, its been 64 days since my last dip and I know I wouldn't have made it this long without your product.
- Bobby, Virginia Beach
Great chew! I've changed my habits for the better thanks to your product!
-Trever S. , Butte, MT

My husband quit dipping cold turkey last month after using for 10+ years. He said the hardest part was breaking the habit of having something in his mouth all of the time. He is a police officer and avid hunter. Dipping was part of his routine while driving around at work or sitting in a deer stand (which was especially rough because he quit at the beginning of hunting season). I started looking online for an alternative after he got sick of sunflower seeds and chewing gum. Thankfully I found your product because it has been the perfect substitute. I have been begging (he would say nagging) my husband to quit for years. I am not sure if he would have been able to make it if there was not an alternative to fill the void of the habit. My husband is even trying to convert his hunting buddies now. You guys make a great product! Thank you so much, from me and my 3 & 5 year old daughters. - Justine H.

Thank You! My husband is trying to stop chewing tabacco and so far this has worked!
I am the happiest wife in the world!! :) - Jaclyn R.
My boyfriend has been dipping for almost 10 years.  He tried to quit unsuccessfully a few times in the past, but could never control his cravings.  After doing some research, I found out about Jake's Mint Chew and sent him a box.  Now, he's 5 days into a cold turkey quit, and Jake's Mint Chew has been helping him when the cravings are the worst.  I really appreciate the product you offer and definitely urge other significant others to send a pack to their loved ones.  You won't regret it! - Anne S.
My Name is Ryan and I am 25 years old. I started dipping when I was 15. I wanted to let you know that your product has had a significant impact on me. I have Crohn's disease and my tobacco habit was detrimental to my health. Upon doing research, I found that mint is a natural anti-inflammatory. This directly combats the damaging inflammation I suffer with because of Crohn's. The mint coupled with other herbal therapies I utilize have managed my Crohn's symtomatology very successfully, without having to be a slave to the pharmaceutical companies. I am no longer irritated by the tobacco as well. I recently placed my third order with you for a 5 case special. I keep it in the fridge and it stays fresh. Further, I have managed to save a significant amount of money thanks to your product. This is especially helpful as I am a full-time graduate student on a budget. I just wanted to take the time to thank you for the positive impact you have made on my life. - Ryan B. ,   Florida
This has been a long time coming for me and i can finally say im not addicted to nicotine or tobacco. I have chewed a can a day for the past 15 years and after deciding it was time to quit I ordered your product to try and help. Honestly the first week was tough but anytime i got the urge, I packed a Jakes Mint and the urge went away. I realize now that I just like to spit and am not addicted to nicotine. I purchased the 10 can package from you and have been so satisfied I gave out 4 of them to get some of my hockey and golf buddies to help them kick their habit as well. I cant thank you enough and will continue to promote your buisness to friends and others I come across. Thank you. - George Costa
I received my package of mint in the mail today and I must say, I am very impressed by this product.  The quality taste and texture surpass the real stuff.  This product is amazing and you guys rock!  Being an avid Skoal user over the last 6 years and making attempts to find a healthy alternatives, this by far is the best product I have found.  Keep up the good work guys!  I assure you, even though it has only been one day, you have a new regular customer. - Zack
I can't thank you enough for making this product.  I have spoken with both of you in the past and your product has been exactly what you said it would be.  I had dipped everything from Copenhagen to Kodiak to Skoal in the 23 plus years that I have used chewing tobacco.  On July 16, 2012 I received by first order of Jake's Mint Chew.  I went with the 7 flavor variety pack.  I believe it was on this date, just after taking out my last dip before dinner, I spoke with Jake on the phone.  Some of the things we spoke about have really helped me along in my first 2 weeks of being tobacco free.  I love the product and have some other people that I am working with to try and help them to quit.  They keep telling me they want to and they need to.  I tell them the only thing left is to do it, place  your order like I did and when it comes, just say that's it and do it...I have let them try some of my samples that I received and they love them just as much as I do. Again, it may have only been just over 2 weeks so far, but its been 2 of the most proudest weeks of my live. Knowing that I am tobacco free and have no plans to go back to it.Thank you again for your wonderful product and thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to talk to a complete stranger and, whether you know it or not, helped him to "know" he make the right choice. -"Train", VA
I have quit chewing from a 37 year habit I had. Jake's Chew is the best thing that ever happened to me, getting away from that nasty spitting is just wonderful, not to mention the health benefit. Thank you for such a fine product. - Howard D.
Thank you for a product that is all natural. I was a smoker for 8 years and then a skoal chewer for another 8. All the time concerned for my health. It was so frustrating to have a habit that set my nerves at ease and worried me at the same time. It actually got to the point that most everyone I know thought I quite (which I did for a year) then I was secretly chewing after another stressful event came my way. With your product I still get the calming feeling without the health concerned. I just placed my 2nd order. I went cold turkey for the first 3 days and the "Brain Fog" was terrible your product helped forget about that. Thanks, I really appreciate it!! - Paul T.
I've used smokeless tobacco since I was 15, and now I'm 26.  After several attempts to quit, every one of them a failure, I lost hope. I've tried shredded jerky, sunflower seeds, cigar chewing, and good ole fashion cold turkey. Nothing seemed to help in those times of anxiety and stress. I've tried smokeless mint alternative in the past, to be specific "MINT" brand, and it just wasn't the same consistency of real tobacco. To me all hope was lost in finding a clean cut alternative to my addiction. I e-mailed you four months ago in one final effort to try mint as a healthy alternative. Being very skeptical after my previous failure with mint I decided to give Jake's Mint Chew a try. It has been a little over four months now and i have been completely tobacco free. The idea of smokeless tobacco never even crosses my mind , I've found myself (satisfied with) your mint leaf instead. Its consistency and flavor matches closer to any other product I've came across out there. To go from 11 years steady of snuff to 4 months clean is pretty damn good in my book. Thank you for such a wonderful product , and good luck to any of those you might share this with in their efforts to quit. It is well worth taking the risk to try.   P.S. I'm ordering another sample pack as soon as I finish this letter. Once again thank you Jake and God Bless everyone out there. Sincerely, Justin 
Great product ! I have used chewing tobacco for 19 years.  Your mint chew has a great lip feel and good taste. This is a wonderful product and should be expanded because of its market potential in montana. I can only find smokey mountain here. Your chew far excedes smokey mountain chew and would be much appriciated here. Thank you. - Zach
I just put in my third order for your chew. I have been tobacco free since the day your first order arrived. I had been chewing literally all day, from the moment I woke up until bedtime. Something needed to change quickly and your product has made change very easy. Growing up in MN in hockey and lacrosse you are going to encounter chew and maybe get addicted. I am offering up your alternative to all my friends who still chew. Thank you. - Daniel, Minneapolis
Thank you guys for developing this great product! I've been dipping Skoal for about 13 years and have tried several other products to quit with no success. I've been mixing one can of skoal with four cans of Jake's Mint Chew and haven't had any cravings for more nicotine and I'm using less. I was mixing up another batch today and tried a dip of pure Skoal and almost immediately spit it out. It tasted horrible! I think I'll be ready to quit Skoal all together when I get through this next batch. God Bless you and your great team! - Robert, Plano, TX
I received your product today. First let me say how impressed I am with your entire operation. From order taking, to shipping on time, to the fastest delivery I could hope for, to the superior quality of the product. I actually bought the product for my son who had recently tried a competing product. There is NO competition. Jake's is a far superior product in taste, quality, and customer service. We also appreciated the additional product you shipped with our order. I used some of the additional product to share with a friend of ours who is a hardcore tobacco chew user. He is now hooked and will become a customer of Jake's shortly. Thanks again for the great product and great service. - Dave, Cedar Grove, NJ
Wanted to take a minute to thank you for your excellent product. After using Skoal (3cans/week) for 16 years, I made the decision to quit  almost a year ago. Previously, I had never made a serious attempt to quit so I was little worried about  breaking the addiction. Your product made the process much, much easier and played a large role in my ability to quit nicotine. I still enjoy your product today and would recommend it to anyone. Thanks so much! - Matt
I wanted to let you all know that Jake's Mint has been extremely helpful in my quest to give up snuff forever. I've enjoyed it so much, I've actually turned some fellow dippers onto this product. I've been dipping for 15 years, and quit cold turkey. A huge thanks to you all from my two wonderful boys and my awesome wife! - Sean, West Virginia
I've chewed Kodiak for 20 years. This summer I was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. I quit chew overnight. It didn't take long at all to get over the nicotine, but I craved chew big time. The behavior aspect was hard to let go of. I was introduced to your product and I've been chewing it everyday for several months. It tastes great. I prefer the rough cut so that's perfect. This product is healthy and tobacco free. I love everything about it. My cancer prognosis is good. Your product is excellant and has allowed me to go tobacco free without giving up my love for chew. - Jeff
Hello, I have been a dipper for 16 years and I thought I would never quit. However, with the help of God, a scare with a lump on my hard palate, and the love of my daughter I kicked the dip. I thought I was going to lose my mind and I have chewed a few cans of tobacco the last 6 months. I have tried other products that are sold in my area and frankly they made me sick. I thought I would give your product a try and I have never been this happy with a chew in my life. The long lasting wintergreen taste with the knowledge that I'm not killing myself really makes Jake's Chew the best can of dip I have ever had. Thank you so much for this product and since noone sells this in eastern Kentucky I guess I will have to be the cheer leader for it. - Robert, Kentucky
I just want to say thank you. I'm 39 years old and have been dipping for 22 years. I have tried to quit so many times and have never made it longer than a week. I'm happy to say that I haven't had a dip in 2 months. It had been 3 weeks and I was getting to the point when my wife would go to bed and I would sit there with my keys in hand and I would walk back and forth in my living room for hours fighting myself not to go to the store to buy a tin. I have a 17 month old son, and I promised myself that I would quit when he was born. Well that didn't happen, but when I had surgery to remove my ulvula, I had to stop during that time and knew that if I went back after that surgery I would never quit and most likely die from it. One night when I was online I came across an ad on my laptop and clicked on it. I read all your reviews and testimonials and knew that all those people went through what I was feeling. I felt like I had gotten through the nicotine part but couldn't find something to do while watching TV or a movie. This has to be the best thing I could ever find. Not only do I feel like this will help with any cravings I may have, but I also feel like this is a complete substitute for me during golf competition and practice. I love the cherry and cranberry flavor and was wondering if you have any plans for an apple flavor? Thank you so much, also thank you to your northeast sales rep who sells to Jacks Sub Shop. You guys have literally saved my life. - Keith B.
I have dipped skoal for 13 years, and finally decided it was time to quit. I tried all of the alternatives, none of them helped me. I would always get mad or get stressed and want skoal. With your product, the mint seems to help me more than I thought possible. I love the wintergreen, as it reminds me of skoal, without the harmful additives. - Frank C. California
I have been free of dip since February 16th 2013. I tried all the alternatives they have for smoking such as the patch and the gum, even tried chewing sunflower seeds but I always seemed to fall back on skoal eventually. Nothing ever worked and I was becoming more stubborn about how I've been dipping tobacco for over 6 years and my face was fine, my teeth were still in tact and I had no signs of cancer. Right before my birthday I lost a part of my tooth and that was the last thing to help me realize it was time to stop. So I just have to thank you because I haven't even thought about buying a can and tasting that sweet ex apple of mine since I received my new best round friend of mint. - Jake D.
I enlisted in the Air Force when I was 18 years old. I was turned onto dip almost immediately. After 7 years of dipping, I decided to quit, cold turkey. After 3 months of absolutely nothing, the cravings weren't going away. I noticed that I would badly crave a dip everytime I sat down at my desk, watched a movie, watched football, etc. My friend gave me a can of Jake's and told me it might help. I quickly realized that I wasn't addicted to nicotine anymore, I was addicted to the act of having a dip in my lip; a habit that had 7 years of constant reinforcement. Now with Jake's, I have ZERO cravings for tobacco. Whenever I feel the need to throw in a dip, I throw in Jake's and the problem is solved. I have also introduced some friends to Jake's and they find it useful as well. Jake's is a true miltary hero, helping me and many of my close brothers in arms stay away from dip. - C1C "Mikey" Brown

Thanks for a great quality product. I have been dipping for 13 years and was also a smoker for 11 years. I stopped smoking 2 years ago, but my dipping had been increasing. The worse thing is, I used to dip Skoal and also Indian tobacco which is horrible. My wife and I are expecting a baby, and that was my motivation to quit. I researched online for alternatives to tobacco and stumbled upon your product. I ordered the mix and match bundle and since have not touched tobacco. I have also convinced my younger brother to try Jake's mint chew and he also hasn't touched tobacco since. Thank you for making a product that will help people cut this horrible habit. Another great thing about your product is that it is USDA Organic certified. - Mitesh P.

Mint is known for its ability to sooth the digestive tract, help with irritable bowel syndrome, acts as an anti-fungal and key player in helping to treat asthma and allergies, and generally is known in many cultures to help soothe nerves. Extremely popular in the Middle East, India, and Europe for its medicinal values, mint is now catching on in the United States for its many uses in helping the body and soul. You might’ve tried mint in tea…now try it via Jake’s Mint Chew….a healthy and effective way to quit chewing tobacco and smoking! Try some today!!