Jake’s Mint Chew has had wonderful success with its current affiliate sites.  Becoming an affiliate site for Jake’s Mint Chew is easy.  Just click on our online form tab above and give us your info.  We’ll review your information along with your site to see if we feel it is both appropriate for promoting Jake’s Mint Chew and has the potential to be a successful affiliate partner.  We will call or email you with our decision as promptly as possible.  

Based on our demographics, good fits might include; a hunting site, military site, quit dipping related site, self help site, health related site, sports related site(baseball team, football team, hockey team, golf team, coaching sites, sports stores, etc), dental site, tobacco clinics, to name a few.   Pretty much your site needs to cater to our patrons’ demographics along with being suitable based on our criteria.  We want to make sure you are successful!

What we offer you as an approved affiliate: Jake’s Mint Chew will send approved sites a link that is unique to you.  Any of your visitors that hit on that link from your site will be tracked by our software.  Each month we will send you a check for 10% of net sales(minus shipping and handling fees) that come from the link on your site. By being an affiliate site for Jake’s Mint Chew you do not have to carry our inventory, have any costs whatsoever, and you will be able to log-in on our Current Affiliates tab to find out how you’re doing.  The best part about this is that your success, our success, means that we’ve helped people quit dipping tobacco.  This is not only a viable business but a great cause!

Our mission at Jake’s Mint Chew is to produce and market a U.S.A. made, all-natural, healthy, premium quality mint chew to help people quit dipping tobacco at an affordable price.  It is also important to us to give some of our profits to various worthy charities to help the greater community. 

Please fill out your affiliate form now!   Thank you for your consideration and interest in Jake’s Mint Chew!